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Exploring Archetypes

2 november 2017


Presentation on November 5th 2017,

How they (and persuasion) drive perceptions and narrative

Workshop overview:
Descartes, Kant and more specifically Carl Gustav Jung made the distinction between empirical and basic intellect. The distinction was made to better understand the complexity of human behaviour. Empirical intellect can be observed and measured, but the basic intellect does not visually exist, yet is present in all cultures, it changes slightly in interpretation over time and in its context.

The patterns are always there and play an often underestimated role in our personality development and decision making.

Today storytelling and developing Persona’s has become popular in our industry, but the much more extensive usability of the archetypes is unknown and for that reason not popular among (qualitative) market researchers. Good quality storytelling and persona’s all find their basis in these archetypes.

During this workshop, we will discuss how the 12 archetypes can and should be used by brands, companies but also by public personalities or politicians. Using examples and hands on exercises, we will illustrate how a strong archetype can give clear direction and consistency to business and social institutions.

We will also look at the subject of persuasion tactics. Archetypes and persuasion tactics are related. There are 17 persuasion tactics which can help brand, business and society to make a clear case and convince others of their thinking or product.

In this highly interactive session learn what archetypes and persuasion can mean to you, your clients and your business.

Frits Spangenberg
Workshop leader, Founder Motivaction International, Netherlands
Roel Schoemaker
Workshop leader, Business Development Director, Motivaction International, Netherlands
Sander Kluiters
Workshop leader, Principal Strategy Consultant, Motivaction International, Netherlands