The Freedom to Publish Opinion Poll Results

30 juni 2003

Report on a Worldwide Update

This is the fourth study conducted by ESOMAR and WAPOR under the auspices of the Foudation for Information worldwide on the Freedom to Publish Opinion Polls.

Opinion polls have become an essential and vital part of the functioning of democracy around the world. They play an ever more important role in the forulation of plicies, and provide a reliable measure of the attitudes towards governments and other political players, including political parties.
The principal task of the Foundation for Information is to safeguard the right of all citizens to be properly informed though professionally conducted opinion polls. The importance of these periodical studies of conditions on the freedom to publish opinion polls around the world lies in the fact that they help to safeguard this essential freedom asnd contribute towards an increasing pressure for the abolition of any restrictive practices wherever they exist.

This year’s study clearly shows that despite the progress achieved until now, there are still countries and areas where much more can be done. We scincerely hope that our next survey will report further progress for the food of democracy.

Dr. George Vassiliou
Chairman, The Foundation for Information

Frits Spangenberg
Motivaction Group, Netherlands
Council Member of WAPOR and ESOMAR

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The Freedom to Publish Opinion Poll Results